To Eleven

To Eleven: It's one louder.

To Eleven is an MP3 player for the Sega Dreamcast. Its user interface is displayed completely on the LCD screen of a VMU (meaning a VMU is required) so no television is necessary to use it. This means that the Dreamcast can be hooked up to a high quality stereo system, even if it's not near a TV. However, if the Dreamcast is hooked up to a TV, the screen is used to display visualization of the music as it plays. To Eleven uses MAD to decode MP3s.

To Eleven reads all MP3s off a separate CD, so it only needs to be burned once. The MP3 CD should have the MP3s burned to it as data, not audio. To Eleven supports directories and ID3 tags for organizing songs on CD.

Future enhancements may include user interface output on TV, playback of file formats other than MP3, or, if someone is willing to donate or show me where I can find a broadband adapter, playback over a network.

Actually, CyRUS64 from BOOB! pointed out that network support can be added extremely easily. He was right, and a download is available below.

Also, if anything here confuses you Chris Myden has written an excellent tutorial on burning and using To Eleven. Read it here.

To Eleven is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License and may be downloaded from Sourceforge in the following formats:

Click here to go to the Sourceforge download area for To Eleven. The README may be helpful if you download the DiscJuggler image or the ELF network executable.

Network support is slightly more complicated than the simple one-line fix that I mentioned earlier, but pretty easy to implement. Also, this replaces CD support with network support, eventually both will be implemented in the same release. One more thing to mention, the player will probably crash if too many MP3s are in the loaded, I'm not sure what this number is exactly, but if it crashes just point it at a subdirectory or another location with fewer MP3s. This file should be loaded onto a Dreamcast using dcload-ip. Start up the Dreamcast with the slave CD, then call dc-tool with something like 'dc-tool -t < ip of Dreamcast > -c < path to your mp3s > -x to_11-beta1-net.elf'. This must be done as a superuser since it chroots dc-tool to the mp3 path. Please let me know if this works for you. Also, if you know where I can find a broadband adapter please get in touch with me, I'd love to try this out myself. By the way, it is possible to use this with the serial dc-tool, but it is unbearably slow and the music is choppy.

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